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3DLAC was born after looking for a solution inside the CLONE WARS REPRAP SPAIN community. At that moment, the Kapton tape was the only product to fix the first layer to the 3D printers’ surface but its application was complex and required longer times.


From the very beginning, 3DLAC has developed our product to offer the best possible solution. This has leaded us to create new products and a constant development of our formula.

At the moment, we have our solution 3DLAC PLUS with a more comfortable and transportable format as well as new products that will be launched shortly.


Our history


With more than 10 years in the market, 3DLAC is the number one solution. Its durability, for more than 500 uses, but above all its efficiency, make 3DLAC an almost indispensable product for cast filament printers.

Maximum efficiency in different types of materials such as ABS, PLA and PETG.

Our effort to research and innovate leads us to study lacquer´s properties, test them and obtain the solution that has been improved until getting great results. 3DLAC is a simple product developed from the traditional lacquer where its copolymers have been enhanced and smells and other substances removed.

3DLAC is present in over 50 countries and has an exponential growth. 3DLAC has arrived to stay and be part of the 3D printing industry.

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