New Solution to prevent warping

3dlac STICK



Our product star now improved with a new formula.
The first 3D printing solution to prevent warping, classic formula

3dlac STICK

3DLAC STICK is fully compatible with other types of fixation, such as magnetic bases, PEI, Flex or silicone, etc. Use 3DLAC STICK and guarantee 100% fixation.

3dlac plus

3DLAC PLUS keeps parts fixed throughout the 3D printing process. You can use it directly on glass or mirrors, our formula makes it adhere perfectly.

Why 3DLAC ?

The first antiwarping solution.

3DLAC has been specifically developed for 3D printing.
The right fixation you need every time.

Experience and research

We  ♥ 3D printing. Our experience and constant research made 3DLAC possible.

Perfect pieces

The characteristics of 3DLAC make possible parts without roughness.
The perfect impression you expect

Clean and easy to use.

3DLAC is comfortable and easy to clean. You will only need water.

As you wish

New formula: it’s even better. Two products so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Just one coat is required in order to get perfect printings.

Buy it in your country

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What does 3DLAC offer to my 3D printing?

3DLAC was created due to our own requirements. A product capable of fixing what was needed in each part of the printing process and which meets our conditions was essential.

It doesn’t stick your pieces, if does fix them.

Fixation is the required in each step thanks to 3DLAC. Once the 3D printing is finished, pieces can be taken off with just a touch.

Non-warping and odourless

3DLAC has been designed to ease your projects. Not only is 3DLAC odourless, but also it will avoid any possible warping due to its fixation power.


3DLAC is clean. Just a coat so as to obtain the required fixation. Then, only some water is needed to easily clean your printing surface and your 3D printer is ready for your next printing.

Printings with 3DLAC

Printings with 3DLAC plus

Countries where you can buy 3DLAC

Research and development hours

3D Printing Innovation

3DLAC is the perfect substitute for Kapton tape and other types of fixers due to cost-saving and its easy application


Prevent Warping


Strong Fixation


High Compatibility

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