3Dlac, a brand that has established itself as a leader in the field of adhesive solutions for
3D printing, excitedly announces the global launch of its most recent product:
3DNYLON, during the prestigious FORMNEXT trade show.
Developed after years of meticulous research and exhaustive testing, 3DNYLON is born,
an adhesive to fix parts made with Nylon filament on the bases of 3D printers. 3DNYLON
has been designed to overcome the specific challenges associated with 3D printing using
Nylon filaments, such as adhesion and warping issues. This product redefines the
expectations and results of printing with Nylon, offering a simple and effective solution
for professionals and enthusiasts in the sector.
FORMNEXT is recognized worldwide as a platform that showcases the latest in additive
manufacturing and industrial design. It is the place where innovators, professionals and companies
from around the world come together to discover and discuss the latest innovations in the field of
3D printing. And this is where 3DNYLON will be officially presented to the world.
“We are extremely excited to present 3DNYLON at such a prestigious event as
FORMNEXT. This product not only symbolizes the pillar of innovation on which 3Dlac has
always been firmly founded, but also marks a significant advancement in the 3D printing
industry, facilitating and improving the experience of printing with Nylon for everyone”,
according to José Ángel Castaño CEO of 3DLAC.
Why is 3DNYLON a Gamechanger in 3D Printing?
Simple Application: Minimizes the steps prior to printing, applying in an easy and direct
Superior Adhesion: Noticeably reduces warping problems, ensuring a stable and
reliable printing surface.
Wide Compatibility: Suitable for a wide variety of Nylon filaments and a diverse
range of 3D printers.
Resource Optimization: Offers high efficiency with less product used per
FORMNEXT attendees will have the opportunity to experience 3DNYLON firsthand,
with live demonstrations, samples and technical talks given by the team
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3Dlac expert. This event will allow users to discover the countless benefits and
applications of this revolutionary adhesive, destined to transform 3D printing with
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